Folding Treadmill Cover Waterproof – 2019 Upgraded Running Machine Protective Cover Dustproof Cover Heavy Duty and Water-Resistant Fitness Equipment Fabric Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor(Black)-L

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”Rip-stop” material is made from a combination of extra strong nylon and polyester threads which are woven into a square pattern.

This extra thread strength is what stops a tear or a rip from continuing beyond the first square, hence the name ”rip-stop”. The material is not indestructible – no fabric is that good – however the special structure minimizes the damage to the material if torn or ripped.

Guaranteed Warranty: 100% MONEY BACK if you are not completely satisfied with our Saking products!

Treadmill Covers with Zipper & Drawstring


– All-around protection against outside elements
– Durable fabric for long service life
– Light weight for easy on and easy off
– Zipper and drawstring for secure fit
– Easy to wash and clean


– Condition: 100% New
– Colour: Black
– Material: Oxford fabric
– Suitable for : Non-Folding & Folding Treadmills
– Dimensions (Length*Width*Height):
# SIZE S – 31x24x55 in / 80x60x140 cm
# SIZE M – 37x31x63 in / 95x80x160 cm
# SIZE L – 43x35x69 in / 110x90x175 cm

** Please measure your treadmill carefully before purchasing, including the longest/highest/widest dimensions

1 x Treadmill Cover

  • UV-STABILIZED & TEAR-RESISTANT – The treadmill cover waterproof from LM BODYCARE is made of further developed high-quality polyester. Providing excellent Dust / Wind / Water / UV resistance, keeping your treadmill clean and safe. The treadmill benefits from maximum robustness and real longevity!
  • SAFE, TIGHT & DURABLE – The treadmill cover has interior bound seams for strength, high-density double stitching for durability. The provides ideal rain protection to your treadmill equipment. Even warm temperatures with up to 575 °F can be covered – without any problems!
  • IDEALLY FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR – Forget condensation, avoid the moisture or unwanted rust. The soft inner material protects from treadmill body scratches! High protection from adverse weather conditions – whether rain, snow, ice, wind, dust or sun!
  • EASY to USE & CLEAN – Open the zipper, Put the cover on the machine, Pull up the zipper and then Tighten the drawstring, nailed it! When the cover is dirty, you can rinse it directly with a tap, or soak it in cold water and then hang it dry.
  • UNIVERSAL SUITABLE – Suitable for most brands of treadmills in the market, such as NordicTrack, ProForm, XTERRA, Merax, Weslo, Nautilus, etc. Tips: Please check the detailed dimensions in the pictures and product descriptions. We recommend you measuring your treadmill to choose the size that fits best. S: Guaranteed to fit treadmill 43″ long x 35″ wide x 69″ high.





Lose The Weight You Want By Changing Your Lifestyle

Once you make the decision to lose weight, there is so much information available that it is easy to become confused. Start slowly and simply, and avoid trying to do it all at once. The following article provides some simple weight loss ideas that will get you started without making you feel overwhelmed.

An excellent way to lose weight is to drink coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages, however it is not widely known that it also can provide a great boost to your fitness goals. Coffee energizes you and can even kick start your metabolism.

Modify your favorite foods so they contain fewer calories. Hunger and cravings for specific foods cause many people to abandon their diet plans. If you eat lower calorie renditions of your fave foods, you’ll still enjoy them but without the guilt.

If you plan on losing any weight, you most definitely have to incorporate exercise into your plan. It doesn’t take as much exercise as you think to maintain your weight. Incorporating exercise into our lives is something that many of us struggle with. But if you’re able to put yourself in a position where you have to walk a little further each time, it will help you to boost the metabolism you have and raise your heart rate. So walking just a mile or two over the course of a day can keep those extra ten pounds from creeping up.

You can enhance your commitment to exercise by having a fitness buddy. A like-minded partner who shares the same goals and exercise interests can really get you motivated to succeed. This will allow each of you to keep the other motivated when the going gets rough.

Even when you are trying to lose weight, you will still want the opportunity to eat out. Remember that meals are ordinarily served in much larger portions that you actually need to consume. Ask your server to bring a take-out container with your meal and immediately put half of your food into it. This allows you to consume an appropriate number of calories while providing you with an ideal meal for the following day.

To assist your children with weight loss, help them get adequate sleep. Believe it or not, they will burn calories as they sleep. On average, a child needs to sleep eight hours nightly. Explain the importance of sleep to your child.

Try to take photos of yourself when you start your weight loss routine so that you can compare photos over time. Rather than concentrating on the number of pounds or inches lost, you can see for yourself how the changes have affected your appearance. It’s also a great way to show others the progress you have made.

Food shouldn’t be your primary source of fun. Many people really like to cook and then eat! This is OK. Food can be soothing and a great way to spend time with others. Just make sure there are things you enjoy as much if not more. Look for a new active hobby.

You should not drink liquor with meals while you are dieting. Liquor is full of calories, and it makes you want to eat more. You will fill up with calories and gain nothing nutritionally.

When pursuing a weight loss goal, you should always weigh yourself on a regular basis. Tracking your progress can be a great motivator. It is a good idea to record your progress on a chart. Folks who document their efforts tend to be more successful at losing weight.

You can still go to parties when you are on a diet. But before you go, eat a satisfying meal. By doing this, you are preventing yourself from eating the party food, which tends to be unhealthy. Also, consider sipping a glass of wine instead of indulging in beer or calorie-heavy mixed drinks.

If you reach a plateau in your weight loss endeavors and you just cannot drop the last few pounds, rev up your exercise intensity. Your body tends to adapt to a workout that you are constantly doing and that leads to it no longer having the same affect.

Tracking your caloric intake is essential when you are determined to shed excess weight. When you control the calories you eat, it helps you figure out how much to eat. This will give you the information you need to determine whether or not you’ve reached your daily caloric limit. Use a spreadsheet to keep track.

Calories that we do not use won’t just suddenly disappear from our bodies; they’re stored as fat. So keep this in mind when eating prior to going to bed. Eat when you are aware that you will be active. Eating this way will make sure you aren’t overeating.

Figure out what your ideal weight should be. Use an online calculator to enter your height, body type and other factors to determine what an ideal weight for your body would be. It might be different than you think. When you know your ideal weight, you can establish healthy and realistic goals.

Be sure to avoid buffets if you tend to put on pounds just looking at food! Places that offer unlimited portions tempt you to overeat in an effort to get more for your money. This does more than make you ill, it causes you to put on the pounds and may lead to heart problems.

When dining at a restaurant you should always choose a healthy salad over soups that thick with stew or filled with lots of cream. A healthy soup or salad before your meal will help cut down how much you eat of the main dish.

When you’re looking for a diet plan that can help you lose weight, consulting with a professional nutritionist is a great way to score useful advice. Bodies vary from person to person. With that said, diets that work for other people may not give you similar results. In order to succeed at weight loss, get help from someone who is knowledgeable on the subject.

It couldn’t be simpler! Understand all you can about weight loss to keep yourself motivated. Your new, thinner body is within reach. You may soon find that, using these tips, you have found a great routine that works for you, and keeps you from being too overwhelmed.